Emily Chambers

Bioinformatics Core Scientist


Emily joined the Bioinformatics Core at The University of Sheffield in September 2017.


  • 2017 - Present: Bioinformatician - Bioinformatics Core Facility, University of Sheffield
  • 2013 - 2016: Postdoctoral Research Fellow - The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh
  • 2009 - 2013: PhD, MRC Capacity Building PhD Studentships - IGMM computational genomics group, University of Edinburgh

About Emily

Emily obtained her PhD in the computational biology group of Prof. Colin Semple at the MRC Human Genetics Unit at the University of Edinburgh. Her PhD thesis studied evolutionary divergence of mammalian chromatin structure.. The main focus of her PhD involved combining multiple differing measurements of chromatin structure from publicly available datasets. This created an orthologous mammalian chromatin dataset to examine for conserved and divergent elements of chromatin domains. She has also worked as a bioinformatics research fellow at The Roslin Institute (2014-2017).


  • Single cell RNA-seq
  • Spatial transcriptomics
  • R/tidyverse enthusiast
  • R/Shiny app development
  • Bioinformatics training

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