External Training Courses

Training from External Providers

We have compiled this link of recommended materials from other providers, and materials developed in previous roles.

Youtube Playlists

Reproducible Research / Data Management



Unix / Command Line


Course Materials / workflows


Version control / git and github

Course Materials


ChiP-seq / ATAC-seq

Single-cell RNA-seq

Course Materials


Cancer Genomics

Functional Genomics (RNA- and ChIP-seq)



Python Programming

Experimental Design

Microarray Analysis

Shiny (R)


Statistics in R

Scientific Figure Design

Training Portals

For queries relating to collaborating with the Bioinformatics Core team on projects: bioinformatics-core@sheffield.ac.uk

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Requests for a Bioinformatics support clinic can be made via the Research Software Engineering (RSE) code clinic system. This is monitored by Bioinformatics Core staff, so we will ensure the appropriate expertise (which may involve individuals from multiple teams) will be available to help you

Queries regarding sequencing and library preparation provision at The University of Sheffield should be directed to the Multi-omics facility in SITraN or the Genomics Laboratory in Biosciences.