Who are we?

The Sheffield Bioinformatics Core Facility aims to develop and advance the training and application of bioinformatics and computational biology to biological research, biomedical research and public health in Sheffield. Our consulting and training courses are also available to other Universities and industrial partners

We offer a comprehensive training programme and services including (but not limited to):

  • Experimental Design
  • High-Throughput Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Analysis
    • RNA-seq analysis
    • Variant calling
    • ChIP- and ATAC-seq
  • Single-cell RNA-seq and spatial transcriptomics
  • Analysis of long-read sequencing (e.g. Nanopore)
  • Microarray Analysis
  • Other Common Bioinformatics Analysis See expertise for more details…

On this website, you can find about more about working with us, our team and expertise and details of upcoming training courses.

If you need support with experimental techniques for performing high-throughput biological studies we can put you in touch with local expertise at the SITraN multi-omics facility.

Why work with the SBC Team

The SBC Team allows you to get dedicated Bioinformatics support as required for your project. This could be for a short period of time, or a full-time post.

Recruitment of such skills is very difficult on research projects, especially when you only require short term expertise. With our model, you will only pay for the support you need. It will be more efficient for you, as any hired individual will have to spending time training on the job and researching the best pipelines to use. On the other hand, we already pipelines setup ready to deploy.

UKRI (and most other UK and EU funding agencies) understand what an important part Core Facilities have on research and would like to see that they are being offered sustainable careers with academia.

For queries relating to collaborating with the Bioinformatics Core team on projects: bioinformatics-core@sheffield.ac.uk

Join our mailing list so as to be notified when we advertise talks and workshops by subscribing to this Google Group. You can also connect with us on Linkedin.

Requests for a Bioinformatics support clinic can be made via the Research Software Engineering (RSE) code clinic system. This is monitored by Bioinformatics Core staff, so we will ensure the appropriate expertise (which may involve individuals from multiple teams) will be available to help you

Queries regarding sequencing and library preparation provision at The University of Sheffield should be directed to the Multi-omics facility in SITraN or the Genomics Laboratory in Biosciences.