Ben Draper

PhD Student (Co-Supervised)


2021-2025: PhD (Chemical and Biological Engineering) Bioinformatics underpinning cell engineering for biopharmaceutical production. Supervised by [David C James]( University of Sheffield. Funded by and in collaboration with Lonza Biologics.

2020-ongoing: Sleep and dementia research with Dementia Platform UK.

2017-2021: Msci (Integrated Master’s in Biomedical Sciences) University of Southampton.


Currently, I am a PhD student with David C James exploring omics analyses of mammalian cell factories currently used in the biopharmaceutical industry (Lonza Biologics). Specifically, I use alternative splicing-based analyses to expand the design space for cell engineering. I also help teach specialised bioinformatics courses and general R courses with Mark J Dunning at the Sheffield Bioinformatics Core. Beyond my research, I also assist supervision of BioEng/ChemEng MSc research projects with Adam Brown.