Five years of SBC

Mark Dunning
1 October 2022 00:00

The Sheffield Bioinformatics Core was established in October 2017 with a remit of supporting and advancing biomedical research at The University of Sheffield. Despite the challenging and changing research environment over the past few years, we have managed to deliver this and more besides.

Some highlights from the past five years include;

  • Working and collaborating with colleague across the whole University of Sheffield to perform Bioinformatics analysis and secure grant funding
  • SBC staff appeared as authors in peer-reviewed journals such as Genome Research, Nature Genetics, Nature Communications, Science Advances, Cell
  • The SBC played a major role in enabling local capacity to sequencing and analyse SARS-CoV-2 genomes, and contributed to national and international research into the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Established a training programme with regular highly-regarded workshops on a variety of topics in high-throughput Biological analysis and essential data analysis skills
  • A founding member of the Northern Bioinformatics User Group (NorthernBUG) that facilitates networking opportunities between Bioinformaticians in the North of England
  • Established and developed protocols for the routine usage of Oxford Nanopore technology for genomics and transcriptomics at The University of Sheffield
  • Supporting the collaboration between the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and Lonza Biologics to establish a Center of Excellence for Cell Engineering

Here’s to the next five years!

For queries relating to collaborating with the Bioinformatics Core team on projects:

Join our mailing list so as to be notified when we advertise talks and workshops by subscribing to this Google Group. You can also connect with us on Linkedin.

Requests for a Bioinformatics support clinic can be made via the Research Software Engineering (RSE) code clinic system. This is monitored by Bioinformatics Core staff, so we will ensure the appropriate expertise (which may involve individuals from multiple teams) will be available to help you

Queries regarding sequencing and library preparation provision at The University of Sheffield should be directed to the Multi-omics facility in SITraN or the Genomics Laboratory in Biosciences.