Based on the RNA-Seq workshop by Melbourne Bioinformatics written by Mahtab Mirmomeni, Andrew Lonie, Jessica Chung Original

Modified by David Powell (Monash Bioinformatics Platform)

Further Modified by Mark Dunning of Sheffield Bioinformatics Core

Sheffield Bioinformatics Core

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twitter: SheffBioinfCore

Tutorial Overview

This tutorial will cover the basics of RNA-seq using Galaxy; a open-source web-based platform for the analysis of biological data. You should gain an appreciation of the tasks involved in a typical RNA-seq analysis and be comfortable with the outputs generated by the Bioinformatician.

More on Galaxy

The official Galaxy page has many tutorials on using the service, and examples of other types of analysis that can be performed on the platform.

Those eventually wanted to perform their own RNA-seq analysis (for example in R), should look out for other courses

Courses on analysing RNA-seq data in R


This tutorial is split into three sections